April 21, 2021 || Benefitter Updates

New/Updated Features

Final Rates Download Feature

This feature is (currently) available for the All Savers groups only. This allows you to download the final quote PDF when the Final Underwritten Quote is returned. The Final Rates PDF can be downloaded either from the proposal or from the Enrollment Final Quote page.

When a user navigates to the Proposal that is tied to the Enrollment, clicking on the download button will launch an overlay that allows you to choose which Proposal PDF or CSV you want to download: Final Underwritten Quote or the (preliminary) Underwritten Quote. The Final Quote PDF mirrors the Proposal PDF, but the cover page and the header of the pages will say “Final Underwriting” and the plan costs will have a “Final Quote” stamp instead of saying “Underwritten Quote”.

All Savers Member Level Underwriting Threshold Update

Census-based underwriting allowed for 10+ Enrolling Employees for the state of MO permanently.

New Medical Data

Direct Medical Data

ID2021Q3Select Health

Third-Party Medical Data

California2021Q3  Sharp Health Plan
Colorado2021Q3Kaiser Permanente
Colorado2021Q3 Rocky Mountain Health Plans
DC2021Q3CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
Delaware  2021Q3Aetna
Georgia 2021Q3Aetna
Georgia  2021Q3Alliant Health Plans
Illinois 2021Q3Quartz
Iowa2021Q3Health Alliance
Maine 2021Q3Harvard Pilgrim
Maryland 2021Q3Aetna
Maryland2021Q3CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
Maryland 2021Q3Kaiser Permanente
Nebraska 2021Q3Aetna
New Jersey2021Q3Oxford
New York2021Q3CDPHP
New York2021Q3HealthFirst
South Carolina2021Q3Aetna
South Carolina2021Q3BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina
Tennessee 2021Q3BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Washington2021Q3Health Alliance

Ancillary Data

StateYearQuarter / PeriodCarrier
NM, NY, OK, PA, SC, SD, VA, WI, WV2021Jul-21Humana – Dental

Bug Fixes

Medical Questionnaires at prelim PDF
We made sure that the SSN and date of hire are pre-filled out (from the census) in the PDF of the prelim medical questionnaires.

Enrollment Setup – UHC/All Savers “Package Savings Applied” note
The “Package Savings applied!” note stays hidden when the All Savers medical plan is inactive or when a UHC medical plan is not selected.

All Savers – Specialty compatibility – Warning message about not compatible plan
We ensure that the plans are compatible with each other when agents attempt to enroll in an All Savers medical plan alongside with All Savers specialty plan. If plans are not compatible, the system will still allow the users to proceed to the enrollment. However, a warning message will display letting users know that enrollment cannot be submitted electronically with All Savers.

Proposal Settings -the PEPM field is inactive but responsive
We fixed and ensure that under “Proposal Settings” if the field is inactive and greyed out, clicking on it shouldn’t cause any change on the PEPM amount.

Proposal – Carrier filter for promoted plans comes out empty
The “Promoted Plans” filter option will no longer be available when there are no promoted plans to show in a given zip code.

All Savers Installation- Paper ER Application link 
The ER Application “Do you have a paper Employer Application?” link will no longer be available after the broker submits the group for installation; this will prevent future errors and ensure that the installation requests will be processed smoothly and accordingly.

Proposal – Agent Presenter update warning
When making changes to the Agent Presenter, we relocated the “Warning Message” to not hide the Agent Presenter information. The message closes after the user select “cancel” if they decided not to proceed with the update.