Create Proposal

Start a new proposal by clicking on the ‘+’ icon in the Proposals section.

On the proposal introduction page, select an effective date. You can also change the presenting agent to another agent (from the same firm) and customize the proposal’s name on this page. Then, click create.

Proposal Introduction Page

You will land on the introductory page, which also acts as a cover page on the proposal download. You can update the presenting agent and proposal name from the page. You can edit the effective date by clicking on the pencil icon and selecting a new effective date.

There are two ways to add plans to your proposal:

  1. Click on the coverage icons (medical, dental, vision, and life) in the proposal navigation section of the page.
  2. Click on the Choose Plans button in the coverage section to navigate to the Medical Coverage screen. From there, navigate to the other lines of coverage using the icons.