Download Member ID Spreadsheet

Enrollment Confirmation
Group ID, Member IDs, and Employer Group Application
The confirmation screen displays the status of your submission, including any errors that would require you to edit and resubmit the case. The group ID number is usually available within a few minutes, while member IDs are usually available within 48–72 hours. Once the member IDs are populated on the Humana Electronic Submission page, you can download the spreadsheet that contains the group and member IDs to send to the Employer. The Employer Group Application can also be downloaded and sent to the Employer. The group and member IDs are also displayed on the Employee Election page. You will receive an email letting you know that the member ids have been populated on the system.

The Benefitter Support Team proactively monitors eSubmission enrollments and will contact you to review any issues with the enrollment. If there is an issue with the enrollment, please do not resubmit the enrollment. To contact Benefitter Support for assistance, call (800) 419-0116 or send an email to; include the group’s name and effective date in the email body.

Welcome Letter and Post Submission Changes
You will receive the official welcome letter as an email from the customer success team within a few days of the group number being finalized. Once a submission has been received and accepted by Humana, no changes can be made to the submission (either group information or employee details) through Benefitter. Please use Humana’s existing book of business tools to make corrections and add/change/deletes.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Enter all the required fields on the company information page prior to creating a proposal. This way, you don’t have to go back to the client to ask for data such as tax information. To save time, obtain the company’s Established Date it is a required field on the Group Enrollment Application.
  • Employee mailing addresses cannot be a PO Box address. If you’re having trouble with the company address or employer mailing address on the Humana Submission screen, please  verify whether the address is valid by entering the street address, city, and state into USPS’s Zip Code Lookup Tool and work with the employer to determine a valid address for the company and employee and update the address and resubmit the enrollment.