Employee Elections – Fully Insured

On the Employee Elections screen you can update an employee’s census information by clicking on their row on the Employee Elections page.

To add or update census information, click on show additional fields.

After you update or edit the census information, click update to save the changes.

Below you will find the options to collect elections:

Email Employees – Send employees an invite to complete a mobile-friendly enrollment. On the employee notification page, click email employees. Check the names of employees that you are inviting to complete their enrollments electronically.

On the Employee Elections Notification screen, check the names of employees that you are inviting to make their elections electronically. Then click next.

The email message will be sent to the employees. Click send to distribute the message.

You can return to the email notification feature at any time before the enrollment end date to send additional notifications to employees. You may wish to do so to remind them when the enrollment end date is approaching. The employee will need to click on Let’s Begin button on the latest email sent to them. The previous email notification will no longer be valid.

Launch Elections

You can access the employee experience to walk an employee through their benefit election, or so that you can complete or correct their responses. To complete their benefit election, the employee should have on hand Dates of birth, Social security numbers, and Home Addresses (for themselves and their dependents). If enrolling in HMO plans their current primary care physician names & ID numbers. 

To access the employee experience on behalf of an employee click on Launch Elections.

Select an employee name and press access employee.  

You will briefly see the employee login page; the system will automatically sign you in as the employee and take you to the Welcome page. 

Welcome Page

The employee’s name that you accessed will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.

 You/and the employee) can:

  • Complete and correct their census information
  • Select the coverage they would like for them and their family
  • Answer any additional questions required by the insurance companies for enrollment

Reminder: Any changes that are made may impact which questions are asked in the Additional Questions state of the enrollment. Please be sure to review and complete all screens following any changes.

Setting up a Kiosk

The kiosk functionality enables you or your client to set up a computer in the workplace where employees can access the employee experience. This is particularly useful when the client does not have an email address for all eligible employees. To access the kiosk feature, click on the Set Up Kiosk button.

Select the download icon in the upper-right to access the kiosk pdf. Send the pdf securely to the company contact. You can launch the kiosk functionality by clicking on the link on this screen. Doing so will log you out of Benefitter, so make sure you have the employee access codes pdf before you proceed!

Access Code Letter – a unique url and access code will be listed on the pdf for each employee.

Enroll Employees in plans on the Employee Elections page

Click on the down arrow under each coverage tier and select the plan.  Press save after enrolling the group in the plan(s).

Track Employees Election Status

The Status field on the Employee Elections page shows where each employee is in the enrollment election process.

The enrollment statuses are as follows:

Completed: The employee made their coverage choices and provided all required additional information. They can still make changes to their coverage choices until the enrollment end date.

In Progress: The employee has logged into the employee experience.

Not Started: The employee has not been sent an email notification, nor have they logged into the employee experience.

Declined: The employee has logged into the employee experience and declined coverage.

To encourage employees to complete their enrollment, you can resend the enrollment email notification to the employee by clicking on the envelope icon.

To view an employee’s chosen coverage options, click on the PDF icon for that employee.

You can review, download, and print out a copy of the employee’s application.