Humana Dental Riders

Benefitter enables you to add riders to Humana dental plans from some carriers. When a plan design value can be adjusted using riders, it will be displayed in grey and followed by an asterisk.

Grey values with an asterisk can be adjusted by selecting riders. To choose add riders to a plan, click on the plus icon to select that plan for your proposal. This will bring up a view of all of the riders available for that specific plan.

The riders shown are specific to the plan selected: not all riders are available for all of the carrier’s plans.

After making any desired adjustments to the riders, click on the Add to Plan button to add the plan, with the selected riders, to your Selected Plans list.  button to add the plan, with the selected riders, to your Selected Plans list.

Adjust riders and select Add to Plan

You can adjust the riders to plans already on the Selected Plans screen by clicking on the edit (pencil) icon.

Select the pencil icon to adjust riders

Make any desired adjustments to included riders and select the Update button to save your changes.

Select Update to save changes to rider options

Benefitter automatically displays voluntary/contributory plans based on the selected employer contribution settings and participation rates, following the carrier’s rules, so you will not see an option for a voluntary rider.