IMQ & Census Based Path

Benefitter automatically selects the proper method for the group. For groups who qualify for underwriting via census, only a member-level census is needed for underwriting. The following fields are required for all enrolling employees and dependents:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Enrollment Tier
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Zip

To add a census record, click on the plus icon and choose manually entry. Once you have entered all required information, press save and continue

IMQ Underwriting Path

A medical questionnaire needs to be completed by each employee in the census before the request can be submitted for underwriting. The IMQ process and mobile-optimized employee experience closely mirror those of Benefitter’s employee elections. There are 4 ways to assist employees in completing the questionnaire:

Email Employees – Send employees an invite to complete a mobile-friendly medical questionnaire. On the employee notification page, check the names of employees that you are inviting to complete their Questionnaires electronically. IMQ/Elections End Date – soft warning Employee Questionnaire End Date and Employee Elections End Date – is a now a soft deadline. The system will provide a warning, and send reminder emails based on that date, but allow employees and other users to submit the IMQs after this date.

Upload Applications – Upload already completed Applications. Click on the download icon to download a blank IMQ. After the employees provide the completed, signed and dated IMQ. Click on the upload application button, on the Employee Questionnaire Upload page check the names of employees on the document you are uploading.

Launch Application – Click on the Launch Employee Questionnaire page, on the Launch Employee Questionnaire page select, access an employee’s questionnaire directly to walk them through completing it, or to complete the enrollment.

Set Up Kiosk – Set up a computer station for employees and provide access codes so they can complete their questionnaires.

Select plans/enroll group on the enrollment page.