March 24, 2021 Benefitter Updates

All Savers Paper Employer Applications

This will allow brokers to submit entirely paper Employer Applications, and skip the electronic Signature step.

At the bottom of the checklist, there will be a link with a question asking the brokers if they are doing paper ER applications. When they click on the link, it will take them to the supporting documents section and they can then upload the paper applications. Once applications are uploaded, they will then be marked completed on the checklist.

Download of Completed All Savers Employee Applications

Employee applications can now be downloaded as PDF.

When a user is in the Employee Elections screen in ALSV Enrollment, the download button that has an option to download the “General Elections Spreadsheet” now shows an option to also download the “Employee Application PDFs.”

Clicking on “download PDF” should only download the PDF(s) for the employee/s whose names are checked; they can also download the PDF Employee Applications of all the employees.

All Savers Plan Compatibility Filters

This feature allows ALSV plans to only show plans that are compatible with each other. The compatibility settings is in the Proposal Settings page, under the Medicare and Rate Guarantee settings.

There are 2 compatibility settings – Lab/X-ray and PDL (Preferred Drug List). Use radio buttons to choose each settings.

On the Medical Available Plans page, click the Carrier option to see the link for Lab/Xray and PDL (Preferred Drug List) plans compatible with UHC ALSV Medical Plan. Once you click the link, it will traverse you the ALSV/UHC FI proposal settings to allow you to navigate and select out of the two plans selection, use radio buttons to choose preferred settings.

New Carrier Data Released

Ancillary Data

StateYearQuarter/period                   Carrier
AR, IA, IL, ID, MA, UT202105/2021Humana Dental

Bug Fixes

Benefit Elections Summary EmailSubject Effective Date is not Correct

Bug description: The benefit election summary email’s subject line does not match the email notification sent to the employees after completing their benefit elections.

Email notification sent to the employees about the Benefit Elections Summary email now matched with the Enrollment effective date.

AllSavers Message in Enrollment Setup Appearing for Group Ineligible for All Savers

Bug description: Groups that are ineligible for All Savers, but still saw the All Savers message when completing enrollment plan selection.

  • This message would ideally only be displayed when someone actually selects an All Savers plan to include in the enrollment, but at a minimum it should not show for groups that can’t select All Savers plans or are creating an enrollment off of a proposal that has no ALSV plans selected.

All Savers – Out-of-date Proposal With Updated Costs

Bug description: The added employee/s reflect in the cost, and it’s appearing in the Eligible Employee list. An added employee should not reflect in the costs and should appear only in the “Changes Since Preliminary” list. 

New employee with no costs

Bug description:

When a new employee is added to the census, the new employee shows $0.00 cost

  • When a new employee is added to the census, the cost per EE, ES, EC, and EF should automatically show.

All Savers – Submitted to Final Quote button status

Bug Description: After submitting to Final Quotes, the main button in the Checklist Page was updated to Resubmit to Final, no error messages appear. If I try to hit the Resubmit button I get a message informing me that All Savers is still reviewing the group.

Updated census message showing without census changes

Bug description
The Census Updated message in the proposal is appearing even when no census changes are made.
It was displayed when an underwriting questionnaire is completed and when an IMQ or GRX is submitted for underwriting
This message should appear only when some change is made.