May 12, 2021 || Benefitter Updates

New/Updated Features

Reminder Emails for Medical Questionnaires

Employees who have not completed the questionnaire will be sent reminder emails as the medical questionnaire deadline approaches. We will stop sending reminder emails when the employee completes the questionnaire, when the rates are available (they may have uploaded them directly), or when the IMQ expiration date passes.

New Data

Direct Medical Data

Hawaii  2021Q3Health Alliance
Florida2021Q3Capital Health Plans
Florida2021Q3Health First Health Plan
Florida2021Q3Dean Health Plan
Florida2021Q3University Health Alliance

Bug Fixes

Questionnaire email notification flood without apply for IMQ/GRA

This has been fixed! We ensure that the system will not send tremendous number of emails notification regarding the IMQ/GRA.

Gender is required when creating new employees via enrollment/elections upload

When entering an employee/s manually or via upload, the broker/agent needs to enter the following required information.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth -OR- Age
  • Gender

Assign Firm User Access – check broker name not saving

The Assign Firm User access bug has been fixed. You should be able to put a checkmark of the person you want to collaborate with.

All Savers – Enrollment – Election spreadsheet includes dependents for EE (Employee Only) tier

Dependents should not be in the election spreadsheet if the tier is EE (Employee Only).