Preliminary Underwriting

Benefitter can be used to complete underwriting through the installation process with United Healthcare Level Funded for small groups. Prior to creating the preliminary underwriting request, you will need to: create the company, add employees via the census process. Then, create the proposal, designate the presenting agent on the proposal introduction page. Choose the proposal effective date and click create to create the proposal. You can add plans to the proposal before you submit the preliminary request. Illustrative Quote will be stamped on the plan detail view. After the preliminary request has been completed Underwritten Quote will be stamped on the plan detail view. You can wait until the preliminary underwriting request has been completed then add plans to the proposal.

To create the underwriting request

  • Click on the pen icon in the upper right side of the proposal
  • Or, clicking on the All SaversĀ® Underwriting button on the introduction page of the blank proposal