Resolve Pending Request

After your request has been reviewed by the underwriting team, if the email preference on the underwriting setting page is set to all, you will receive an email notification.  Click on the link in the email message body to log into Benefitter; this will direct you to the company homepage. 

On the persistence header click on the down arrow to view the details about the pended message.

Tips for working on pended issues:

  • Consult with your AE or the All Savers/UHC Level Funded Team about what additional information is required
  • Replies to the pending notification email are sent directly to All Savers/UHC Level Funded Team
  • Message the Level Funded Team directly from the Persistent Header with any questions
  • Gather all requested information before re-submitting
  • Add a message on the UHC level Funded section of the Communications & Document checklist area to explain what has been updated/attached