Select Level Plans

Click on any of the four coverage icons (medical, dental, vision, and life) to bring up plans available in the client’s geographical area for that line of coverage.

  • To add Medical plans to the proposal, click on the ✚ icon (Medical Plans) located on the navigation bar
  • Add the plans to the selected plans screen by clicking on the plan’s + icon on the far right
  • Click on Selected Plans to look at the plans on the side-by-side view
  • Follow the steps above to add dental, vision, and life plans to the proposal

Choose plans to propose

To add a plan to the proposal, click on the checkmark on the far right of a plan row. (The count on the Selected Plans link increments as you select plans). To view plan design and cost details, click anywhere on that plan row on the Available Plans screen. Links to the employee-by-employee cost details, SBCs, provider directories, and drug formularies are found at the bottom of the plan detail view.