Sign the Employer Group Application

Collect Employer Signature 

You can collect the employer’s signature in person, or send an email to collect an e-signature remotely. The employer needs to review the Employee Group Application and sign/verify the application.
In Person – to collect the signature the employer needs to:

  1. Click on the ‘Please review and verify the Employer Group Application’ and review the Employer Group Application
  2. Click on the  ‘Yes, I Verify’ button
  3. Sign the Group Application
  4. Press the continue button

Employer Group Application

Employer enters their first and last name

The Employer’s signature will be populated on the Group Application

Collect the Employer signature remotely 

Click on the ‘Send to employer for e-signature’ link.

Click on the send button to forward the email to the Employer.

The employer will need to click on the email with the Subject Line ‘Action Required: e-signature for Humana insurance application’. In the body of the email the employer needs to click on the ‘Sign Now’ button.

On the remote e-signature page, the Employer must review the details on the Humana group insurance application carefully. Complete the signature form at the bottom of the page and press submit. If there are any inaccuracies, the Employer needs to contact the agent to have the information corrected.