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Request a Benefitter Account

This video shows:
Request a Benefitter account online using your work email
You will receive an email from Benefitter; click through to activate and access your account

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Activate your Benefitter Account

This video shows:
Click the “Activate Your Account” link in the email from Benefitter
Verify profile information
Add a profile picture and agency logo (optional)
Enter your NPN number (optional)
Create and confirm your password
Accept the terms and conditions
Receive sign-in verification code via email
Enter verification code and click verify button

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Create a Company

This video shows:
Sign in to Benefitter
From the agent homepage, click the Plus Sign (+) to open new company
Add company information
Add SIC code
Choose company status
Add company website, tax ID, and any notes (optional)
Add company contact
Add company logo (recommended)

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Create a Census

This video shows:
Option 1: Add Employees Manually
Click the “Start” button under Add Employees Manually
Populate additional fields (recommended)
Click “Add” button to save

Option 2:  Upload Census
Click the link to download Benefitter’s census template
Populate the template
Click the “Upload” button under Upload Census
Choose the saved template you just modified
Click the “Continue” button
Review census data

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Create a Proposal

This video shows:
From the company homepage, click the plus sign (+) to the right of the Proposals header
Confirm agent assigned to the proposal
Confirm proposal name
Choose effective date
Click the “Create” button

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Navigate around a Proposal

This proposal shows:
Use the six main navigation buttons at the top of the proposal (Introduction, Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Enhanced Benefits)
Customize the proposal settings using the “Customize Proposal” link or the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner
Find plans using the “Choose Plans” button on the Introduction Page or by navigating to the plan lists using the main navigation buttons
On the Available Plans screen, click on any plan to see the plan details
View the Employee Costs by clicking on the “Employee by Employee Cost Details” button on the plan details
Add plans to the proposal by clicking the plus icon (+) on the right side of any plan displayed
View plans added to the proposal by clicking on the “Selected Plans” link
Change the preferred rate type (age-banded vs. composite) and employer contribution settings using the Cost and Contribution widget